Welcome to an enlightening journey through Afghanistan, a country steeped in history and rich in intriguing facts that are certain to capture the curiosity of both Worldle game enthusiasts and those with a penchant for discovering the fascinating intricacies of the world’s diversity. In this article, we delve into the unique facets of Afghanistan, offering a glimpse into its captivating narrative.

The World’s Oldest Oil Paintings

The World’s Oldest Oil Paintings
Buddha oil paintings from Bamiyan (7th century AD)

Bamyan, nestled in central Afghanistan, holds a remarkable treasure—the world’s oldest oil paintings. Discovered on cave walls, these paintings date back to the 7th century AD, 6 centuries before Europeans began incorporating oil into their artist.

These ancient artworks depict Buddhas draped in vermilion robes and mythical creatures, offering a window into Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage. These caves were once in the proximity of the Buddhas of Bamyan, towering 6th-century statues of Vairocana Buddha and Gautama Buddha carved into a sandstone cliff.

A Country Of Natural Extremes

Mountain range Pamir in Afghanistan

Afghanistan stands as a land of extremes, with a staggering 100ºC (180ºF) difference between its record high and low temperatures. The record high soared to a scorching 49.9 °C (121.8 °F), while the low plummeted to a bone-chilling −52.2 °C (−62.0 °F).

Moreover, Afghanistan boasts a remarkable elevation span of 7,234 meters (23,734 feet) between its highest point, Noshakh, and its lowest point, Amu Darya, ranking it sixth in the world for elevation extremes.

Poetry Night On Thursday

Poetry Night On Thursday
A poetry notebook

In Herat, poetry takes center stage in the culture, dedicating Thursdays to the art of verse. People of all ages gather to share both ancient and modern Afghan poetry, creating a vibrant tapestry of words and emotions.

The evening’s ambience is further enhanced with tea and delectable local dishes, offering a communal celebration of this cherished literary tradition.

The Land of Buzkashi

The Land of Buzkashi
Afghan people playing buzkashi

Buzkashi, a centuries-old game originating in Asia, finds a prominent place in Afghan culture. In this sport, men mounted on horseback vie for control of a headless goat with no hooves.

The objective is to seize the goat and carry it toward a designated goal, often played on Fridays. Buzkashi’s rich history and spirited gameplay make it a cultural emblem of Afghanistan.

No Dogs

No Dogs
A “No dogs” sign

In stark contrast to Western societies, Afghans traditionally eschew the presence of dogs due to cultural beliefs that consider them unclean and impure. Dogs are notably absent from areas designated for prayer and religious observance.

This cultural perspective underscores the distinctive customs and values that shape Afghan society.


Our journey through Afghanistan has unveiled a tapestry of history, culture, and unique customs that define this enigmatic land. Whether you’re a devoted player of the Worldle game or simply an inquisitive explorer of the world’s colourful stage, Afghanistan beckons with its ancient oil paintings, dramatic climate extremes, poetic traditions, spirited sports, and distinct cultural perspectives.

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