Welcome to a captivating Worldle journey! In this article, we explore Kiribati, an enchanting pearl of the ocean. Join us as we delve into the wonders of Kiribati, a country that promises to amaze both Worldle players and curious readers with its unique charm.

First to Ring in The New Year

First to Ring in the New Year
“Happy New Year” written on the surface of a sandy beach

Kiribati holds the distinction of being the world’s foremost harbinger of the New Year. Situated furthest ahead of Greenwich Mean Time at GMT+14, this enchanting country offers the extraordinary opportunity to witness the very first rays of the rising sun, making it a beacon of hope and new beginnings.

Unique Geographical Position

Unique Geographical Position
Aerial view of the islands of Kiribati

Among the tapestry of nations, Kiribati stands alone as the only country to straddle all four hemispheres. Its archipelago of islands sprawls across both the northern and southern hemispheres, thanks to its equatorial placement.

Furthermore, Kiribati’s geographical uniqueness extends to the Prime Meridian, which bisects its territory, marking its presence in both the eastern and western hemispheres.

The World’s Largest Atoll

The World's Largest Atoll
A photograph of Kiritimati, taken from the International Space Station

Kiritimati, also known as Christmas Island, claims the title of the world’s largest coral-formed atoll. Covering approximately half of Kiribati’s land area, this natural wonder showcases the delicate beauty of coral ecosystems and the resilience of the natural world.

The World’s Largest Marine Reserve

The World's Largest Marine Reserve
A beautiful coral reef near the Phoenix Islands

Beneath the azure waters that surround Kiribati lies the world’s largest marine protected area, the Phoenix Islands Protected Area (PIPA). Encompassing over 400,000 square kilometers, this sanctuary is a testament to Kiribati’s commitment to preserving its unique marine biodiversity for generations to come.

Country’s Name Origin

The Country's Name Origin
Glasses resting on a book

Kiribati’s name carries a distinctive pronunciation, often heard as ‘Kiribas’ or ‘kee-ree-bahss,’ with the ‘ti’ resembling an ‘s’ sound. This phonetic rendering originates from the local pronunciation of “Gilbert,” the former designation of the country.

Named after British Captain Thomas Gilbert, who first sighted the islands in 1788, Kiribati’s rich heritage and linguistic nuances make it a tapestry of cultural diversity. Its proud citizens are known as I-Kiribati, pronounced as ‘ee-kiribas,’ reflecting the harmony of language and identity.


Our voyage through Kiribati’s unique charm and geographical wonders illuminates the beauty of this island nation. These intriguing facts serve as a bridge to understanding and appreciating the diversity that enriches our world.

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