Welcome, curious minds and Worldle game adventurers to another captivating journey through the diverse corners of our world. Today, we’re exploring Myanmar, a land of a million pagodas where ancient rituals meet modern marvels. Let’s delve into some intriguing facts that make Myanmar a truly remarkable destination.

Unique New Year Celebration

Unique New Year Celebration
Water fight during the water festival in Myanmar

One of Myanmar’s most vibrant celebrations is the Water Festival, locally known as Thingyan. Held in April to usher in the Burmese New Year, this festival transforms the streets into a massive water battlefield.

Thousands of people joyfully participate in spirited water fights, a symbolic act of washing away the sins of the past year. What began as a simple sprinkling of water has evolved into epic water wars, featuring cannons, pistols, and buckets – a lively testament to Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage.

Old School Makeup

Old School Makeup
Myanmar girl with thanaka on her face.

The chalky patterns adorning the cheeks of women and children in Myanmar aren’t just cosmetic whims; they are thanaka. This makeup has been a part of Myanmar’s culture for over two millennia.

Made from the bark of select trees, thanaka serves both cosmetic and protective purposes. It keeps the skin smooth and safeguards against the harsh sun, showcasing the country’s enduring connection to its ancient traditions.

Different Measuring Units

Different Measuring Units
Two different tape measures

In a world dominated by the metric system, Myanmar stands out as one of the three nations still using its distinct units of measurement. Here, you’ll find gasoline dispensed in gallons and distances marked in miles. Weights are a bit more complex, with one viss (or peittha) equal to 1.68 kilograms (approximately 3.5 pounds).

While it may seem puzzling to outsiders, these unique measurements are a testament to Myanmar’s distinctive cultural identity.

Unique Streetwear

Unique Streetwear
A man and a woman wearing longyis

A common sight in Myanmar is men and women gracefully donning longyis, cylindrical pieces of cloth worn around the waist and extending to the feet.

Available in a dazzling array of colors, patterns, and fabrics, particularly silk, longyis serve as ideal attire for Myanmar’s warm climate. They allow air to circulate, keeping the wearer cool and protecting them from the sun.

Men typically wear plaid, striped, or plain longyis, while women’s versions, known as htamein, showcase a vibrant spectrum of hues.

The World’s Finest Rubies

The World's Finest Rubies
Rubies in a gold bracelet

Myanmar boasts a reputation for producing some of the world’s most exquisite rubies. Those from Mogok in the Mandalay Region and Mong Hsu in Shan State are renowned for their rich chromium content and low iron levels, giving them a unique ‘pigeon’s blood’ hue and remarkable fluorescence. Among these gems, the ‘Graff Ruby’ ring stands out, making history by fetching an astounding USD 8.6 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2015.

With sanctions lifted, these precious treasures are once again available in the United States, opening a new chapter in the world of gem aficionados.


As you embark on your virtual journey through Myanmar, these intriguing facts will surely enhance your appreciation for this enchanting land, where ancient customs and modern marvels harmoniously coexist. Myanmar, a land of a million pagodas and myriad wonders, invites you to explore its unique tapestry of culture, tradition, and natural beauty.

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